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Organoid 001 Lineart by MidnightLiger0 Organoid 001 Lineart by MidnightLiger0
Name: OE 001
Height: 8 1/2 feet
Special Abilities: can give almost any Zoids wings. Whether or not they are useful, that depends on the Zoid. If Zoid cannot possible fly, then they can be used as shields. Wings are not solid, but made of energy like an E-Shield. Wings can also be used as a close range weapon, as they act a lot like a laser blade.
If Zoid already has wings, then they can be used as a close range combat weapon.
Notes: Attempting to teach her to be able to change the shape of the wings, into a blade or a spear, for those Zoids who could not possible fly. She also loves cupcakes.

Yea, just scribbled over the background, then used the chrome filter. I did have a base for this, but if you compare the two, they are quite different. That might be why some things are off. I suck at drawing on the Computer, even more that I do in real life. It doesn't help when Photoshop decides its going to make it prettier by scribbling all over what you worked so hard on :iconwhatthehellplz: Thank god for CTRL-Z.

Right now, she doesn't have a name (yes, this Organoid is portrayed as a female). [ she also might be used in another Zoids fan fiction, just cause I get so many ideas =B ]

Suggestions for names?
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June 22, 2011
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