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Liger Zero Phoenix Sketch by MidnightLiger0 Liger Zero Phoenix Sketch by MidnightLiger0
Alright, so this was done at school, no references used. That is why so many things are off, and the guns on the back are lacking details. I could not for my life remember what they looked like, and I wanted to include them.
I am actually really proud of this, considering I only went off of memory. Oh, and some things are incomplete, the pattern on the wings for example, because I didn't really like them and won't include it in the Photishop lineart. (which is going to be a pain, considering I can't draw super long lines neatly.)

Well, the reason I decided to draw Liger Zero Phoenix was because Fuzors needs more love. My group's folder only had like two pictures in it. Though, now that I look, Genesis doesn't have anything, so I better get to drawing for that. Probably won't do a Bio Zoid, maybe ther Murasame Liger or one of it's Evolts. I'd have to use a reference though. I've never really drawn the Genesis Zoids (at least not well and recently)

Time: about 1 hour or so. Drawn during the time before school, tutorial, and lunch.
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March 7, 2012
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